SEAL PAC by SKYLOTEC – now with extended maintenance interval

Rescue equipment must be checked on a yearly basis – this is also applicable for unused equipment which is in store for emergency situations. This control is much easier and cheaper with the SEAL PAC by SKYLOTEC. The Seal Pac contains a MILAN rescue device which is placed in a sealed metal box. This box will be opened once a year by an authorized controller who checks the moisture indicator of the internal air-proof heat sealing film. This ensures the correct condition of the sealed safety equipment. If there are no abnormalities, the controller will mark month and year of the next inspection and seals the metal box with a new leaden seal. Therefore cost and time savings with controlled safety are significant advantages of the SEAL PAC.
After six years, a big inspection was necessary where the SEAL PAC had to be sent to the producer in order to be checked in detail.

New: Extended maintenance intervals!
Thanks to years of experience SKYLOTEC could now extend the maintenance intervals of the SEAL PAC. From now on SEAL PACs have to be newly sealed only every ten years instead of six years.

How can complete reliability be guaranteed over ten years?
SKYLOTEC produces SEAL PACs for six years now. Product tests with equipment, which was stored over six years on various locations, proofed that the sealing interval can be extended to ten years without any cut back in safety. This innovation is therefore based on the experience of the market leader in the area of industrial fall protection.

The SEAL PAC safes cost as the equipment does not need to be sent to inspection every year but can be checked by reading the moisture indicator. The cost intense inspection only must be done after ten years. In order to document the controlling of the Seal Pacs which are already on the market for ten years, an “extension kit” will be available. The newly produced Pacs are already equipped with additional stickers and leaden seals.

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