SKYLOTEC receives newest ISO certification

SKYLOTEC has been producing rescue and protective equipment for industrial use for over 65 years, and understands the importance of reliable and safe material for work carried out in areas with a high risk of accident.
Internal quality control, use of top-quality materials and manufacture of products solely within Germany and the EU ensure the motto “High Protection. Best Performance” applies to all SKYLOTEC products.

This motto not only adorns the company logo, it is also put into practice at SKYLOTEC! As an example to illustrate this, the “Holz und Metall” (wood and metal) professional trade association awarded the company the “Sicher mit System” (safe with system) seal of approval in 2012 for its exemplary and safe working environment. In 2002, SKYLOTEC became the first German training company for personal fall-protection equipment (PFPE) to be certified in accordance with ISO 9001. The company-owned training centre VRC (Vertical Rescue College) is certified in accordance with FISAT and IRATA standards and also provides related training. Certification from the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) followed in 2013, and consequently special safety training for wind turbine applications can now be provided. To top things off, SKYLOTEC has now been certified in accordance with the newest version of the ISO 9001 standard, namely ISO 9001:2008.
This certification confirms that the company fulfils all technical, organisational and personnel-related requirements, in order to be able to provide first-rate products as well as servicing and customer service, that is likewise of superior quality.
For customers, the verification of the company’s credentials with the ISO 9001:2008 certification reinforces their belief that they have selected the right manufacturer.

Examples from the SKYLOTEC quality programme:

Product development:
• Select specialists and experts work together to develop new and innovative products.

• Regarding material selection, care is always taken to select materials of the highest quality and inspections are carried out at regular intervals.
• All members of personnel are highly qualified and receive further training on a regular basis.
• Final production of all products takes place in Germany, or within the EU, and has not been outsourced to the Far East. This guarantees regular quality control and short delivery times for products and spare parts.

Quality control:
• Control of incoming goods, control at various manufacturing levels and a complete final check by qualified test personnel.

After sales service:
• All SKYLOTEC services and VRC instruction/training-at-height courses are ISO-certified, guaranteeing the best quality and service for all customers.

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