SKYLOTEC and German Offshore Wind Guard open new training tower in Elsfleth

On the Maritime Campus in Elsfleth SKYLOTEC and the German Wind Guard have established a new training tower. At the 19 meter high tower section of a wind turbine there will be safety trainings for employees from wind energy companies.

The tower contains various vertical permanent systems such as ladders on which the trainee can safely climb onto the platform located in 19 meters up in the future. SKYLOTEC installed the SKA 8 and SKYTAC fall protection system to which the runner SPEED can be used. The SPEED runner prevents uncontrolled falling by a sophisticated braking system. In the future, the employees of wind energy companies in the tower are preparing for the worst. My colleague has an accident – what have I to do in this case? How the employees have to behave in the case of fire?
For all the scenarios SKYLOTEC has the know-and the products. Besides harnesses and helmets must be worn mandatory while working in wind turbines, SKYLOTEC offers with the Milan-series and other rescue equipment high quality products for the case of emergency.

In the case of fire inside the tower two employees can evacuate fast with the Milan 2.0 with 0.9 meters per second from the platform.
Information for booking the training can be found here:

http://www.skylotec.com/eu_de/training or by mail to [email protected]

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