With their SKYRAIL rail system SKYLOTEC ensures permanent protection

With their SKYRAIL system of rails that can be travelled over SKYLOTEC presents a permanent fall protection that ensures permanent protection for working at heights and simultaneous freedom of movement. Consequently, the times when employees had to deal with a limited radius of action according to the length of the connecting elements are history. The special feature: the horizontal system can be flexibly adjusted to the respective working environment thanks to a range of different connecting and curve elements. In this way, employees are given the possibility of securing themselves quite easily, even in difficult-to-access areas.

Persons involved in maintenance of crane tracks or cleaning work on roofs, for example, previously were generally limited in their freedom of movement by the length of their connecting element. Consequently, it was often the case that employees had to connect and release themselves at individual attachment points when changing position or when having to cover large distances. With their SKYRAIL rail system SKYLOTEC now offer a solution that ensures straight-forward working at heights, even across large distances.

The rail system is installed horizontally as a permanent fall protection and is ideally suitable for installation on the floor, at walls or the ceiling. The guide rail is the central component of the system. It can be supplied in maximum lengths of up to six metres and can be easily combined with additional elements at the two ends. The large installation stretches of maximum five metres ensure fast and easy assembly. This provides a number of advantages: on the one hand, relatively low cost for mounting and installation, since only few brackets are required for relatively large distances. On the other hand, only minor loads acting on the roof structure since there is only little intervention with the structural fabric by holes drilled into the concrete, etc.

For the user to be able to move along the rail system, a special runner element is implemented. The SKYRAIL Runner is equipped with a ball bearing and therefore operates nearly wear-free with smooth running capacities and little force required. Users attach themselves to an eyelet of the runner by means of the carabiner of their safety lanyard and are then free to horizontally move over large distances in any direction without having to release and re-attach themselves after only a few metres. Moreover, the runner can be attached to or removed from any place in the system.

With flexible assembly options
The SKYRAIL rail system scores with another special feature: thanks to its various connection and curve elements it can be flexibly adjusted to any working environment. For example, thanks to the versatile assembly options, persons working on roofs are enabled to even reach difficult-to-access and contorted workplaces.

Additional benefits: the rail elements for the horizontal system (SKYLOTEC won an iF Design Award for the design of this system) can be optionally delivered in various colours. That ensures for unobtrusive integration of SKYRAIL into the existing building structure. The system is certified as load fastening point as per EN 795 Class B also for lanyard-supported working and can be used by up to three persons at a time. It is made of a sea water-resistant aluminium alloy so that it can also be used in the proximity of sea water or in chlorine-containing atmospheres, such as swimming pools.

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