SKYLOTEC for High Protection

Founded in 1948, the company stands for over 60 years for safety at high altitudes and is the complete provider of comprehensive fall protection in the industrial and sports sector. The SKYLOTEC Industry Program includes everything needed for personal protection and for permanent fall protection. With powerful and innovative products, all developed and manufactured in Germany, SKYLOTEC is always one step ahead.

So with SHOCKYARD FLEX. The “falldown damping line” with a maximum strech of 95cm range offers safety for height-workers in every situation. The specially developed polyester fibers in the attenuation core and the mantle are weather resistant and therefore suitable for temperature fluctuations. The SHOCKYARD has a Rescue loop, which is used to hang in the rescue device in the event of a fall. The SHOCKYARD FLEX is available in six different designs and in lengths of 1.50 m and 1.80 m.

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