SKYLOTEC convinced the jury ...

... and not the first time in 2009!

In both fields - industrial fall protection, as well as the outdoor area - SKYLOTEC convinces with its products.
On the exhibition “Outdoor” SKYLOTEC has already won the Outdoor Industry Award 2009 with the SKYRIDER via ferrata. On the ISPO SKYLOTEC won the Brandnew Award with the SKYFIT SC 111/112, a climbing harness, which allows fast and uncomplicated dressing.

But that's not all:
The SPEED, who marks a revolution for guided type fall arresters, becoming one of the coveted iF product design award winners, as well as the carabiner SKYSAFE which is completely made of steel and ends with a snap opening of 31mm. This allows the SKYSAFE an ergonomic handling and prevents a faster fatigue on challenging via ferrata.

This is a guided type fall arrester for rail systems. SPEED is to be used on installed vertical ladders, such as on towers, bridge supports, antenna supports and industrial plants. The employee must wear a safety harness to be secured connected to a SPEED running in a fixed guided rail. In case of a fall, the SPEED will come into motion and prevent any accident.
The revolution: a second safety system has been introduced to the usual brake system. If the brakes do not get triggered in case of a fall, the SPEED runner’s backup system will. Our engineers have set a maximum fall speed to be reached for the brakes to come into motion. If the fall excesses this speed, a patented micro-waving centrifugal brake will block the runner.
Through this development SKYLOTEC shows once again that security is the motto of the company. With SPEED, a system was created that meets each standard: in addition to EN 353-1, it has also passed the BSI test – British Standards Institution – successfully, which were realized with anthropometric Dummies.



SKYSAFE steel carabiner

The carabiner of the SKYSAFE by SKYLOTEC was conceived on a completely new way. First, it is made of steel instead of classical aluminum. Two 2mm thick steel core cables move freely around in case of hard edge load and form a redundant system as it is known in the rope access industry. With a new pvc coating and its ergonomic design, SKYSAFE provides an excellent grip and slipping is virtually impossible. In addition, this carabiner highlights with a 31 mm snap opening, making it the largest on the market.

o High resistance to bending loads
o Easier to hook and unhook while hanging
o Innovative locking mechanism
o Extremely large snap hook opening (31mm)
o Light weight
o Outstanding grip
o Made of 100% stainless steel
o Complies with EN 362 and EN 12275

Be sure SKYLOTEC will continue to provide revolutionary surprises and shines with brand new innovative products.


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