SPEED runner with extra certification

The SKYLOTEC SPEED runner is moving forward. Because of the withdrawal of the EN 353-1 and a number of unexplained safety issues in combination with fall arresters the SPEED runner affords a unique safety solution.

The dual speed-control mechanism of the SPEED guarantees that a falling worker is caught quickly and securely. The SPEED provides smooth action and security while climbing.

Now the SPEED runner has an additional certification for utilization in ladders and rails produced by LMB (e.g. in the tower of Enercon wind energy converters).

The SPEED functions efficiently in all C-rails with a column width of 24 mm and indoor rails of at least 24 x 44 mm. You may contact SKYLOTEC directly or contact your manufacturer to inquire if your rail systems can operate with the SPEED.
Development of the withdrawal of the EN 353-1

At the moment, there is nothing new to report regarding EN 353-1. The European Union has not made any new statements about the withdrawal of the EN 353-1.
We have engineered our fall protection SPEED runners to eliminate all issues that have brought about the withdrawal of the EN 353-1. The SPEED has been not only tested according to the EN 353-1, furthermore it has also gone through tests mentioned in several discussions on future requirements such as setback situations or directed Dummies.

The SPEED meets all the present requirements of the PPE Directive and conforms to European laws even with the withdrawal of the EN 353-1.

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