Milan Rapid Climb

After introducing its prototype at the A+A 2009, Skylotec presents the Milan Rapid Climb this year at the Husum WindEnergy. The descender is a further development of the Milan Hub and supports the fast and easy rescue of casualties with various technical innovations.

The Milan Rapid Climb is equipped with two counter rotating levers which directly act in the drive axle. In the case of misuse or carelessness the patented emergency uncoupling automatically uncouples the levers. This avoids revert of more than 180 degrees and therefore minimizes the risk of injury. The descender is able to descend a person of up to 150 kg for 500 m. Additionally it is approved for descending two persons of up to 280 kg.

Furthermore the Milan Rapid Climb will be offered in seal pacs for the first time. Also in this area Skylotec could achieve important improvements. Whereas seal pacs needed to be sealed every six years in the past, this time span could be significantly reduced. Due to many years of experience, high technical standards and a multiplicity of field studies seal pacs now need to be renewed only every ten years.

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