SKYLOTEC ispection database

Just in time for the turn of the year many companies are carrying out their inventory and yearly inspection of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
SKYLOTEC is offering a special service with its inspection database. The database offers a cost saving solution for companies which have to check more than a hundred products a year. The online tool enables the user to easily administrate products which are subject to regular testing. A better organization of inspections as well as a worldwide availability of the inspection document is another plus. From June 2010 all products which have been checked in the SKYLOTEC inspection garage during their yearly inspection are already collected in the database. This means that the quick implementation of the software is possible any time without costly subsequent data entries.
Inspectors, experts for safety at work and all other responsible persons can see all existing inspection reports of individual products any time and create new ones worldwide via internet. The company can define individually who is owner of these rights.

The inspection report can be easily created in four steps:
• Choose the type of report for the product
• Collect product data for product and check automatically allocated inspection criteria
• Finish inspection report and
• Print inspection data sheet. From this point the new inspection report is available online in the product history.
Additional functions such as quick search, remembering function via email, adaption to the company’s structure, encoded data transmission or individual right allocation increase the usability of the online inspection database.

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