Successful Rescue with Milan from SKYLOTEC

Feb.2011, USA While ascending a Wind Turbine in West Virginia, a technician experienced breathing difficulties and intense chest pains. At the intern platform (120ft high) of the tower, he had to stop climbing and needed to get back to the ground for medical care. The victim remained conscious but safety measures were engaged. His teammate supervised his emergency descent to the ground with the Rescue Device MILAN HUB, that was stored in a Seal Pac inside the tower. The MILAN HUB was anchored at the 120ft platform and the victim was lowered safely to the entry of the tower. At ground level, the victim was cared for by an emergency response team called in advance of the descent. Both technicians have been trained on “Rescue And Evacuation” by instructors who followed the SKYLOTEC MILAN Rescue Program and who are SKYLOTEC-Certified Instructors. We wish the victim a speedy recovery and a job well done to his teammate for a safely executed response.

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