In addition to the development and production of fall protection equipment, SKYLOTEC has offered for many years extensive training in safe working practices at heights for a wide variety of users.

SKYLOTEC was the first German training organisation to be certified according to ISO 9001. The company offers courses and on-site training aimed at minimising falls and health risks. Practical training is also offered at the open-air facility in Neuwied and the training centres in Berlin Steglitz, Nortorf (Schleswig-Holstein) and Husum. With the construction of the new indoor training centre, SKYLOTEC has taken another step forward and has extended its training to include rope accessing techniques according to FISAT and IRATA, as well as special training for wind energy technicians, which is tested on areas of approx.

300 square metres in all weather conditions. The indoor centre offers an 18-metre high tower with platforms at 10 and 15 metres, as well as a slanted roof for training in personal safety equipment, rescue and assembly. The entire centre was designed and built exclusively for training purposes and is, therefore, optimally equipped for all types of exercises. Professional and modern classrooms are also available. As with SKYLOTEC products, the knowledge and expertise of the company's trainers is of the highest quality. All the instructors are qualified with a FISAT Level 1 to 3 and / or IRATA Level 2 to 3 as rope access experts, and have extensive knowledge of various rescue methods, rescue at height procedures, tree climbing and a wide range of work performed at heights.

Instructors at the SKYLOTEC Vertical Rescue College are all permanent employees, guaranteeing a consistent level of quality in the transfer of knowledge.

You can find detailed information and dates at www.skylotec.com/Training

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