Expansion of sales network in Italy

On 1/9/2012, SKYLOTEC acquired a new sales partner for North Italy. With the MAFAR agency, we have gained another competent partner for the sale of our products. Carlo Ghinelli, Massimo Ghinelli, Fabrizio and Marco Degli Agostini have received extensive training concerned with all of our products, and have thereby further deepened their specialist knowledge. MAFAR is from now on responsible for SKYLOTEC products in the Triveneto area in North Italy and provides an improved on-site service for our customers. General manager Alexander Merl had the following to say about the new collaboration: “With a local established partner, we are able to guarantee a much higher visiting rate for our customers. Due to short and fast means of communication, the degree of service can be maintained at a high level, and, on account of the local qualified personnel, SKYLOTEC remains more than true to its motto, ‘High Protection. Best Performance.”

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