SKYLOTEC to open a new indoor training centre at the Vertical Rescue College

Great strides have been made with the construction of the indoor training centre at SKYLOTEC’s Vertical Rescue College (VRC) and work is now near completion. The formal opening of the new training area will take place at the plant premises on Thursday the 13th September 2012, at 11.00 am, and will be accompanied by an exciting framework programme.The schedule for training courses at the indoor training centre of the VRC is already set and bookings can be made. With the expansion of the VRC, SKYLOTEC has not only extended its training opportunities, but also the range of courses it can offer. From this moment, FISAT, IRATA and special training courses for WEA service technicians are available, so that users of safety and rescue equipment can learn how to handle such equipment correctly. True to the motto of SKYLOTEC, “High Protection. Best Performance.”, extreme situations can now be simulated more authentically for a number of new training courses, and information and training concerned with safety can be given in a more precise and easy-to-understand manner.

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