SKYLOTEC presents numerous innovations at OutDoor by ISPO

SKYLOTEC has stood for innovation, the highest safety standards, and top quality Made in Germany for over 70 years. The company strives to make climbing even safer and has revolutionized the industry on multiple occasions thanks to high-end products like the RIDER 3.0 energy absorber for use at via ferrata. This product has received multiple awards and is considered the safest energy absorber on the market by far. Once again, the 2020 season has exciting highlights in store for climbing enthusiasts – and these products will make their climbing experience even safer and take their performance to a new level.

RESISTOR – the most innovative and safest energy absorber carabiner

SKYLOTEC is making fundamental changes to its pair of best-selling energy absorbers, the RIDER and SKYSAFE. Starting in 2020, the new version of the RIDER 3.0-R as well as the SKYSAFE’s successor, the SKYRISER, will be equipped with the new RESISTOR energy absorber carabiner. This carabiner offers even more comfort, improved handling, and optimized performance. Its smart design, shape, and ergonomics are tailored to the requirements faced by via ferrata climbers. The asymmetrical vertex, for example, is designed to distribute forces to the main axis in an ideal way. The steel inlet on the vertex protects areas that are most frequently affected by abrasion. This prevents material from being worn away by abrasion on the steel cable and significantly extends the carabiner’s service life. Hanging the carabiner up or taking it down is easy and comfortable thanks to the large gate opening. Plus, the narrow key lock nose prevents it from getting caught on the steel rope or the arms of the energy absorber. The RESISTOR’s smooth, fully forged closure combines stability and durability, and the sleek design of the palm latch makes it effortless to use, even for those with smaller hands. Carabiners can be exposed to high maximum edge loads in via ferrata climbing in particular. For this reason, the RESISTOR’s design has been tailored for increased safety margins in terms of its bending properties and, at 13 kN, significantly exceeds the 8 kN specified by the UIAA.

RIDER 3.0 - R - multiple award winner and by far the safest energy absorber on the market

RIDER 3.0 –R – multiple award winner and by far the safest energy absorber on the market

The RIDER 3.0-R isn’t just the most innovative energy absorber for use at via ferrata on the market – it’s also the safest. We developed this energy absorber by drawing on our decades of experience in the field of industrial fall protection, and the product sets new standards in climbing equipment as a result. The sophisticated system with its auto-traveling wire rope clamp and the compact energy absorber make the via ferrata experience much safer, as the falling distance is significantly shortened. The clamp blocks immediately in extreme cases, preventing risky falls to the next anchor point. The RIDER is getting an upgrade this year. Impressive features include its new RESISTOR carabiner, which offers even greater safety as well as enhanced durability, performance, and comfort. Both left and right-handed users can effortlessly operate the RIDER 3.0-R. It’s suitable for steel cables measuring 12–16 millimeters and can be used like a conventional set on incompatible areas by clipping on a carabiner.


SKYRISER - The SKYRISER is the successor of the proven, top-selling SKYSAFE

The SKYRISER is the successor of the proven, top-selling SKYSAFE energy absorber from SKYLOTEC and stands out for its enhanced performance. Minimalist yet extremely robust, the popular energy absorber has been equipped with a new feature. Its innovative RESISTOR carabiner not only offers improved handling, but also comes with a steel inlet on the vertex. This protects the neuralgic spot on the carabiner against abrasion from the steel cable and gives the RESISTOR an especially long service life. The large gate opening makes it easy and comfortable to hang up or take down. Plus, the narrow key lock nose prevents it from getting caught on the steel cable or the arms of the energy absorber. The sleek design of the palm latch makes it effortless to use, even for those with smaller hands. Alongside its compact energy absorber system with a short circuit protector, this via ferrata set represents a safe, high-quality answer to the need for simple handling, the highest safety requirements, and an attractive product design.


FALANX - Die Karabiner-Serie Falanx ist die neue Geheimwaffe am Fels

Our FALANX carabiner series is your new secret weapon for climbing enthusiasts. Developed especially for sport climbing, the FALANX features a sophisticated design which makes the carabiner convenient to handle as well as durable and lightweight. Its asymmetrical shape makes it easier to hang up or take down and comfortable to hold in the hand. The areas that are exposed to abrasion on the vertex and base have a higher profile to counteract premature wearing. The H-profile design ensures there is a balanced ratio between strength and weight, and the shape results in an optimal distribution of loads to the main axis. The FALANX is available in full gate straight, full gate bent, and wire gate versions, which makes it ideal for use in express sets or as a material carabiner. Meanwhile, the FALANX SCREW version is perfect for belay construction in Alpine climbing or for use in conjunction with safety devices. The FALANX is also available as an express set in the three versions PRO (FGS / FGB), MIX (FGS / Wire), and WIRE (Wire / Wire) as well as in the lengths of 12 cm and 16 cm (PRO only).

VISO -  is suited to pretty much any mountain activity


Our new VISO helmet is suited to pretty much any mountain activity: Sport climbing, alpine climbing, or via ferrata. The large ventilation openings ensure optimal air circulation and a keep temperatures at a comfortable level in the helmet. At a lightweight 290 g, it sits comfortably on the user’s head without restricting their field of vision. This is made possible thanks to its innovative construction consisting of three in-mold shells. The high-strength top shell offers protection against impacts and penetration from above, the mid shell with an EPS inner shell enhances stability and ensures optimal cushioning, and the base shell stabilizes the ventilation openings as well as the edge of the helmet. Sizes can be continuously modified to suit the user thanks to the innovative fabric adjustment system, which is incredibly lightweight. Equipped with headlamp clips on the front, the shape of the helmet’s back makes it easy to securely attach the strap of the lamp. In other words, even climbing at night or big wall tours over a number of days are possible with the VISO. The lining can be removed for washing. The VISO is available in two colors.

SUNSTONE - The latest belt from SKYLOTEC!


The latest belt from SKYLOTEC! Developed especially for rental businesses, the SUNSTONE’s design and features are both made to give the user a safety buffer in the most common cases of misuse. For example, the two material loops can bear a load of 15 kN, which prevents a situation from becoming worse if the user accidentally connects to these. The clear, easy-to-understand structure of the belt as well as the right/left markings on the leg straps make the SUNSTONE easy and intuitive to put on and take off, even for inexperienced users. Contrasting colors are used to identify the connecting points, which prevents users from connecting in the wrong place. The SUNSTONE’s padding can be moved freely on the strap and can be slid to a new position after putting on the belt. As a result, the user has an almost tailor-made fit, and the padding enables a broad range of adjustments within the individual sizes. This is a key advantage for rental stations, who are able to cover the range from XXXS to XL with three belt sizes thanks to this broad spectrum of adjustment options. A wear indicator on the leg strap webbing shows the service personnel when the belt needs to be replaced. Plus, the clearly displayed belt size, which is color coded, makes it easier to hand out equipment at the counter.

Greenstone - Those who like things to be organized will love the new GREENSTONE backpack


Those who like things to be organized will love the new GREENSTONE backpack. It’s perfect for everything from getting to climbing sites to training at the gym. The large stretch front pocket has plenty of space for a helmet and climbing shoes or offers quick access to comfortable footwear during breaks or while securing ropes. A separate rope compartment with a fastener and the large inside compartment with an integrated shoe bag give the storage areas a clear structure. Plus, the removable mat offers the user a comfortable place to sit during climbing breaks.

Transporter - Quick, durable, and easy to use


Quick, durable, and easy to use – those were our key specifications when we created the TRANSPORTER rope bag. The result is a perfect combination of a rope and a gym bag. The handy roll fastener can be easily opened and closed and comes with an indestructible metal buckle. Inside, the TRANSPORTER offers space for up to 100 meters of rope, in addition to all the necessary climbing equipment. Packing the rope is quick and easy thanks to the funnel-shaped rope tarp.

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