SKYLOTEC now has a new fall-arrest system for steel cables, the “Claw Line”

SKYLOTEC now has a new solution for fall protection on ladders - the “Claw Line” - a steel cable fall-arrest system. The system can be installed on existing structures or ladders already in use with little effort. It can also be flexibly adjusted to individual circumstances and locations. “Claw Line” is certified under the latest standard EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017 and approved for stainless steel cables with diameters of 8mm and 10mm. When used with the vertical fall-arrest sleeve, “Claw” and its safety-relevant details, users can ascend and descend on a permanently secured fall-arrest system.

" The new stainless steel fall-arrest system, ‘Claw Line” from SKYLOTEC makes ascending and descending ladders safe."

Employees use permanently installed fall-arrest devices to protect themselves from dangerous falls when working on repairs or maintenance. That applies, for example, to jobs in the fields of telecommunications, high-tension wires, power supply, wind energy plants and high-rack warehouses, or also enclosed climbing frames in the waste water field. For climbing and descending ladders, SKYLOTEC, as the only manufacturer in the world with the "Claw Line”, now provides a fall-arrest system with an 8-mm and 10-mm stainless steel cable that is completely made of stainless steel and thus has a long service life. The system is based on a cable guide made of stainless steel; easily traversable intermediate brackets fix the rope and prevent annoying deflections. This makes it possible for employees to climb safely to higher or lower workplaces.

“The basic elements of the ‘Claw Line’ are flexible and individually combinable with each other. The system can be completely installed on a ladder, for example.”

Three basic systems, many options

The “Claw Line” can be installed on existing structures or directly to a ladder. The system is available in three basic versions, each one with a small number of basic elements. Each version has a stainless steel cable, traversable intermediate bracket and a tensioning element. This already makes planning the installation easier. In addition, thanks to a modular construction, the different versions can be individually and flexibly combined with each other - for instance the upper and the lower anchoring points. That means that it is possible, for example, to choose one ladder anchor point below and one structural anchor point on the ceiling, or the reverse. Pre-existing structural anchor points can also be used - as long as static proof is available. Compared to the available systems thus far, the configuration possibilities are much more varied in this way. The “Claw Line” can be adapted to an existing location in an uncomplicated way. In addition, the individual components can be efficiently packed together in smaller sizes so that they can be easily transported to an installation site. An additional benefit: The modularly structured system is easy to understand and almost self-explanatory. That means easy installation. The upper end of the stainless steel cable is always pre-installed and pressed into a thimble. At the lower end, it is completely enclosed by the tensioning element. This significantly reduces the risk of injury from grabbing open strands during assembly and also during subsequent use. When installed on aluminum ladders, the top three rungs are also reinforced with threaded rods and counter plates. The same clamping element is installed in any of the possible system versions, and the required tension of at least 80 kg is achieved by simply turning the turnbuckle. In terms of safety, the tensioning element offers an additional advantage: A laser mark indicates whether adequate tension is present at all times. By visually inspecting it, the user can check whether it is safe to attach to the "Claw Line" or whether the clamping element first needs to be tightened.

Completely made of stainless steel

Compared to the solutions available up until now, the fall-arrest system has an additional benefit: It is completely made of stainless steel and resistant to corrosion. That means that the “Claw Line” is also optimal for using in salt water environments such as off-shore, near-shore, and on-shore work places as well as in water supply and removal. The stainless steel fall-arrest system is certified under EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017. Up to three people can simultaneously be attached to it.

“The fall-arrest sleeve ‘Claw’ has multiple checks to prevent using it wrongly. A green arrow shows in which direction the device must be put onto the rope.”

Climbing in combination with vertical fall arrest sleeve “Claw”

The fall-arrest system “Claw Line” can be used in combination with the vertical fall-arrest sleeve “Claw” from SKYLOTEC. This scores with features that make it easier to use and reduces the risk of an accident. The sleeve has multiple checks to prevent using it wrongly. The fall-arrest device, for example, will not go onto the cable if the user is holding it the wrong way. A locking pin prevents this, and a red skull symbol clearly indicates the error. To prevent unintentionally or rashly removing it, the vertical fall arrest sleeve can only be removed from the rope if the user actively pulls a locking pin which unlocks the sleeve. In addition, the brake shoe opens when the carabiner is pulled slightly, while the slider follows the user upwards or downwards without manual intervention. This makes it possible to climb practically without friction to a higher or lower workplace. Should the ascending person possibly slip or fall, the carabiner swings downwards in a flash. The “Claw” stops the fall into the depths. A built-in shock absorber reduces the impact force to below the permissible 6 kN, which moderately reduces the forces acting on the human body. The vertical fall-arrest sleeve, when combined with the "Claw Line", is certified under EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017 as an accompanying fall-arrester on a fixed guide. It secures a maximum of one person weighing between 50 kg and 150 kg.

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