Often the wrong ropes are used for the application of our ActSafe products, such as the ACX. Therefore we have implemented a rope suitability test for you, which tells you if the rope you use is suitable for the use of ActSafe winches.

The reason for developing this test is to assist users who wants to use their own rope in determining the suitability of the rope. The test should be guidance only and not as 100% deterministic.

Even if a rope passes the test it just means that it passed one time with a newrope, with a certain ascender, humidity, load etc. The test can’t determine how a rope will behave when it’s a bit worn, wet or the rope grab is worn and with all different possible loading scenarios.

We have decided to remove the rope compatibility list as it was considered a guarantee that the rope will always operate safely. This was also a preferred measure instead of starting to remove individual ropes that have incident reportsfrom the field experience of users. Any user who want to use their own rope will now have to qualify it for their needs.

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