With “ActSafe RCX” SKYLOTEC offers flexible applications for rescue teams

In January 2020, SKYLOTEC, the market leader for evacuation and rescue equipment and one of the world's leading brands for fall arrest equipment, acquired the world market leader for motor-driven power ascenders - Actsafe AB in Sweden. With the "Actsafe RCX", the company is now presenting a new development: a battery-operated power ascender specially developed for rescue operations. For search and rescue teams from the fire brigade, disaster relief, mountain rescue or emergency services, the device facilitates the transport of people and loads in areas that are difficult to access. The "Actsafe RCX" is quickly ready for use and offers flexible deployment options for rope-based rescue.

„The ‘Actsafe RCX’ is easy to install and ready for use within a short time.“

If, for example, a fitter during maintenance work in a sewer shaft or a recreational athlete who is climbing a rock face has an accident, every second counts in the rescue. Areas like these are difficult to access. This is a great challenge for search and rescue teams, because even vehicles are often unable to reach the accident site. Suitable equipment must therefore be transported to the scene of the accident. For such cases, SKYLOTEC offers a new solution with the “Actsafe RCX” power ascender, which was developed especially for this problem. The battery-operated device is fixed to an anchor point and is ready for use within a short time. The battery-operated device is fixed to an attachment point and is ready for use within a short time. The speed during up and down movement can be infinitely adjusted as required using a lever – from 0 to 24 metres per minute. The device starts up particularly smoothly and accelerates evenly to avoid power shocks to the system. This is also a great advantage for casualties, as ascending and descending with the rescuer is gentler than with comparable devices or when the rescuer is pulled up with muscle power. With its speed of 24 metres per minute, the device is extremely fast. A rigging frame can also be used with the power ascender. This makes rescue operations easier if, for example, an injured person has to be transported upwards over roof edges or rock ledges. In addition, the "Actsafe RCX" can also be used to transport loads, for example to bring equipment or technical support material to the accident site.

 Many advantages in terms of occupational safety

“With the battery-powered ‘ActSafe RCX’ power ascender from SKYLOTEC, it is possible to transport people or loads even in areas that are difficult to access.“

In addtion, the "Actsafe RCX" offers many advantages in terms of occupational safety: For example, the device has built-in safety electronics. This constantly monitors and controls the charge levels, temperature and energy output of the batteries. If the system overheats or is overcharged, it temporarily shuts off the battery to prevent damage - and thus a dangerous situation for the user. In addition, the device can be controlled with a remote control from the ground up to a distance of 150 metres in open spaces, for example without visual contact via radio announcements. In this way, a person can move a comrade up and down if the comrade has to support an injured person or if an injured person himself is no longer able to climb up and down on the rope.

The ‘RCX’ from SKYLOTEC can also be used with a remote control with a range of up to 150 metres in open spaces.“

The "Actsafe RCX" is suitable for lifting persons and loads with a permissible payload of 250 kg. This authorised load is an advantage over solutions available up to now. The device's new variable rope take-up system allows suitable ropes with different diameters to be used. Ropes for lifting persons must be certified according to EN1891 A. For loads heavier than 150 kg, however, a rope diameter of 11 mm is recommended.

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