BFD 0,3m

Art. no. L-0005

Belt fall absorber with fall indicator. In the event of a fall, the strap fall absorber absorbs the fall and reduces the fall energy to a level that is compatible with the body. As accessory for horizontal application.

  • Reduces fall energy to a level that is comfortable for the body
  • With case indicator
Art. no. L-0005
EAN 4030281009153
Standard EN 355:2002
Fall indicator Yes
E-class number 40-02-01-04
Hand-washing 40 °C
Max. service life 10 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Temperature 45 °C - -35 °C
Suspension element BAND
Customs no. 58063210
Size 0,3m
Weight 0,40 lbs
Material Polyamide