Art. no. H-1013-20

The small lightweight screw gate carabiner is a multi-talent for use in climbing and mountaineering. Due to its narrow profile, it also fits into narrow anchor points. Its D-shaped geometry ensures that it does not twist at a fixed point or tie-in loop.

  • H-profile design for a balanced ratio of strength and weight
  • Key lock gate for convenient clipping and unclipping
  • The geometry of the carabiner ensures optimum load distribution on the main axis.
  • Easy to use screw gate opening, even with gloves
Art. no. H-1013-20
EAN 4030281281764
Standard EN 12275-B:2013, EN 362-B:2004
E-class number 40-02-01-05
Max. service life 30 Years
Customs no. 76169990
Weight 0,10 lbs
Material Aluminium