Gerätesatz Absturzsicherung 2

Art. no. SET-202-Y

This securing set consists of the seat belt CS 8, which is suitable for many different applications due to its back, chest, holding and seat belt eyelets. Its leg and back pads and its many adjustment possibilities make it a comfortable everyday harness. The LORY PRO SET is used for workplace positioning and the BFD Y SK 12 is the matching lanyard that connects the user to the rope. The X-TREM DYNAMIK 11.0 in 60 meters length is a dynamic rope which convinces by its robustness and abrasion resistance. 17 LOOP 26 kN webbing slings and 18 passO-SC carabiners are included and serve to attach the rope. Two pairs of SKYGRIP FullFinger gloves complete the set and protect the wearer's fingers. A DRYBAG is included in the set so that everything can be stowed away safely.

Art. no. SET-202-Y
EAN 4030281232773
Standard DIN 14800-17:2015
E-class number 40-02-01-11
Area of application Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces
Customs no. 63079098
Weight 29,34 lbs
Set of components
1 x CS 8 G-0908 Info
1 x X-TREM DYNAMIK 11.0 R-052-60 Info
15 x LOOP 26 kN L-0008-0,8 Info
2 x LOOP 26 kN L-0008-1,5 Info
1 x passO-Tri MAT-H-137-TRI Info
17 x passO-SC MAT-H-137-SC-03 Info
2 x SKYGRIP FullFinger BE-1001-920-005 Info
1 x BFD Y SK12 L-0103-1 Info
1 x DRYBAG ACS-0014-L Info
1 x Set Lory PRO L-0697-2 Info
1 x BA-Connectors, Carabiners MAT-BA-0044-00 Info
1 x BA-Mountain Sport Carabiner MAT-BA-0071-01 Info