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The HIGHWORK TROUSERS made of high-quality GORE TEX® fabric can either be worn on their own as all-weather trousers or combined with the HIGHWORK JACKET to make an overall. Designed in this way, the two-piece “full body suit” offers all the advantages of the popular OVERALL HIGHWORK with increased flexibility.

  • Simple design in shades of grey with orange contrasts
  • Contrast stripes and reflective piping for high visibility
  • Can be worn on its own or transformed into an overall
  • Flexible detachable braces for a perfect fit at work
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Breathable yes
E-class number 40-01-01-90
Tear-resistant yes
Abrasion-resistant yes
Washable 40 °C
Waterproof yes
Customs no. 61032300
Material Polyamide