Art. no. SET-317-15-M/XXL
  • Complete set for versatile application in industry and trade (e.g. roofing)
  • Due to the edge-tested 15 meter rope, exact positioning is also possible when used horizontally
  • Additional sling for easy preparation of an anchor point
  • Ion belt with front and rear stop, high-quality click-locks and additional upholstery in the shoulder and leg area for better wear comfort.
Art. no. SET-317-15-M/XXL
EAN 4030281222934
E-class number 40-02-92-01
Area of application Construction / Roofer / Carpenter
Customs no. 63079098
Weight 9,24 lbs
Set of components
1 x IGNITE ION G-1130-M/XXL Info
1 x SKN BFD SK11 L-0543-15 Info
1 x LOOP 35 kN L-0010-GE-1,5 Info
1 x ROPE BAG ACS-0009-3 Info