Art. no. SET-313-1,8-M/XXL

The SET SUPERION is a high performance assembly for ladders and mast-climbing applications with the highest standards. The IGNITE PROTON belt is a latest generation body harness with click-locks, ergonomic padding, lateral attachment points and a climbing protection eyelet for use on a climbing ladder. As a double-sided Y-shock absorber, SKYSAFE PRO is the only shock absorber on the market with a new tear-open mechanism that reduces a force of impact up to 140kg in the standard range down to 6 KN. The ERGOGRIP SK 16 is edge-proofed and is optimally positioned to position itself in the climbing path using the belt lateral attachment points. All components are packaged in the supplied ROPEBAG and as such can be transported practically to the place of use.

Art. no. SET-313-1,8-M/XXL
EAN 4030281222767
E-class number 40-02-92-01
Area of application Wind Energy / Offshore Industry
Customs no. 63079098
Size M/XXL
Weight 13,67 lbs
Set of components
1 x SKYSAFE PRO FLEX Y L-0559-1,8 Info
1 x ERGOGRIP SK16 L-0204-1,5 Info
1 x ROPE BAG ACS-0009-3 Info