Art. no. ACS-0283

The NEOPRENE WRISTBAND offers optimal flexibility and practicality when securing tools or other work utensils from falling or being lost. It can support up to 2.3 kg and is perfectly designed for small to medium-sized tools such as screwdrivers. The elastic, adjustable wrist band is self-stripping in the event of an emergency, is particularly suited for use at rotating devices. The Neoprene Wristband can be combined so that tools can be attached, for example, with the PHONE CABLE SHORT.

• Optimal for tools up to 2.3 kg • For use at rotating devices or machines • Elastic and self-stripping in the event of an emergency

Art. no. ACS-0283
EAN 4030281276401
E-class number 40-02-92-90
Customs no. 56090000
Size 390x42x2mm
Weight 0,08 lbs