Art. no. BE-489

This visor holder is suitable for all Centurion CONTOUR visors. It fits perfectly into the 30-mm Euroslot on the INCEPTOR GRX and provides the necessary connection between helmet and visor. With its smart pivot system, it follows the helmet contour and can be tilted and held in many different positions. It also has a unique sealing lip that keeps even the smallest particles from penetrating.

  • Compatible with all INCEPTOR GRX helmets
  • Intelligent pivot system
  • Multiple tilt functionality
Art. no. BE-489
EAN 4030281292449
Standard EN 166:2001
Max. service life 5 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Customs no. 65070000
Size 80x300x315mm
Weight 0,31 lbs
Material Polycarbonat