DEUS Evacuation Training

DEUS Evacuation Training

Training for private persons


This training course is tailored to suit private users, who want to use a DEUS Rescue Kit to enable them to abseil down from high buildings in emergency situations (e.g. fire).

The DEUS evacuation training course will teach participants to be able to evacuate themselves safely and quickly from dangerous situations at heights. This basic course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge, capabilities and self-confidence to be able to act accordingly in an emergency and to enhance their safety when dealing with emergency equipment and procedures.

Target group:

Private individuals

Training results:

The aim of the DEUS evacuation training course is to enhance existing knowledge and capabilities through theoretical and practical training.

The DEUS evacuation training course will ensure that participants:

  • Acquire the ability to recognise the dangers and risks associated with abseiling
  • Are able to identify protective equipment correctly, including recognising European/global standards and their labelling, e.g. on the harness, helmet, DEUS etc.
  • Acquire knowledge and capabilities with regard to the correct testing, servicing, storage and attachment of the DEUS Rescue Kit
  • Practise the correct usage of the DEUS Rescue Kit. This includes the correct identification of anchor points and the appropriate behaviour when abseiling
  • Learn the correct approach to abseiling in dangerous situations and the effective use of the rescue device or equipment

Duration: 1/2 day (4 hours)


Theory: 1 instructor / 12 participants

Practice: 1 instructor / 6 participants


  • German
  • English
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Local with translation (the overall duration of the course may be extended)


Participants taking a SKYLOTEC DEUS Evacuation training course must be physically fit and in a position to take part in the entire course.

SKYLOTEC has a procedure, which requires participants to complete and sign a statement in which they certify that they are physically fit enough to take part in the safety training and are not suffering from a medical condition or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Section Minutes
Introduction 10
Harness/rescue triangle 10
Anchor points 10
Potential dangers 10
Backup systems for drills 5
Orthostatic shock (suspension trauma) 5
Practical drills 180
TOTAL 4 hours


Training location:

  • Vertical Rescue College (VRC)
  • On site (SKYLOTEC mobile training solutions)


149,00€ (prepayment)

Certificates / validity / retest:

Certificates are not required for private use.



Vertical Rescue College

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Tel.: +49 (0)2631-9680620

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