More than just a database

SKYLOTEC HOMEBASE – Our solution for managing the inspection of your products

Our HOMEBASE is a tried-and-tested, efficient tool for the simple documentation of your inspections, helping you to save valuable time on the management of inspections and to get an overview of your situation at any time. This will give you more free time to deal with your core business.


How it works:

HOMEBASE can be accessed on-line any time and from wherever you are in the world and it can be updated by you as well as by us. This means you can do away with the often time-consuming and complicated documentation of your inspections and can review any of the inspected items using the check lists on file.

Automatic inspection reminders sent via e-mail (can be switched off), creation of organisational units and PPE classification, filing of inspection cards as PDF files or by email and the convenient recording of product data are just some of the features, which make it so much easier to handle your products using SKYLOTEC HOMEBASE.

Since 2014, almost all SKYLOTEC products have come with an efficient bar code. This bar code makes it particularly quick and easy to document the use of products and manage inspections.


First steps for using HOMEBASE:

Companies and private individuals can register very easily. As an administrator of the company, you can create additional users for your company.


Any questions or problems?

At the bottom of the HOMEBASE application, you can find user instructions under “Help”. We would also be very happy to provide e-mail support at [email protected]. Please include a telephone number with your requests.

HOMEBASE can be found at homebase.skylotec.com and is also perfectly suited for use on smartphones and tablets.