Vertical Rescue College

Vertical Rescue College

Learn from the professionals

The correct use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPE) is absolutely crucial. We specialise in providing training in actual work situations. We coordinate closely with you to ensure we provide appropriate and professional training. To achieve this, SKYLOTEC offers various training and teaching modules to respond to your individual requirements. The high quality of the Vertical Rescue College is reflected in its numerous certifications (GWO / IRATA / FISAT / ISO 9001), as well as in the high-quality training provided by our instructors.

Our instructors have many years of experience in a wide variety of fields of application and have already delivered a great many training sessions. Most of them are themselves members of rescue organisations and regularly take part in ongoing training. This guarantees the high quality of our training courses and workshops.

Our colleagues at the Vertical Rescue College are therefore frequently invited by various professional associations in Germany to share their knowledge as guest speakers.

Don't feel like travelling? No problem. The Vertical Rescue College has various training sites with outstanding facilities. And we are happy to come to you for on-site training.

Reviews & information

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  • The management systems of SKYLOTEC GmbH meet the requirements of internationally recognized standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001.
  • Information on the various training programmes: DGUV 312-906, GWO, FISAT, IRATA