Revisions caused through changes in EN 353-1

Already on March 19, 2010 the European Commission has decided to withdraw the EN 353-1(Guided type fall arresters on including a rigid line). With this decision the examination and certification according to EN-353-1: 2002 of these systems do not automatically lead to a presumption of conformity but has to be proved additionally. The kind of this revision was discussed ever since. By now, a revision procedure was developed, which meets the product requirements. The inspection authority decided, that in order to keep a valid EC type test certificate, products certified under EN 353-1: 2002 need to run through an additional examination, to verify the new requirements. If the requirements are met, a technical report as well as an EC type test certificate will be generated in order to prove the requirements of the directive. If the requirements are not met, the products may not be used any more. If products, which are already in use but don’t meet the new requirements, may be used any further will be individually decided by the respective inspection authority, depending on the possible danger of the product. We already started to have the revisions carried out as quickly as possible. Until then, all SKYLOTEC products may be further used.

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