SKYLOTEC sets new standards for PPE against falls with innovations at the upcoming A+A

At the upcoming A+A SKYLOTEC presents many innovations. We have focused our developments on simplifying the handling for users and increasing the wearing comfort. We kindly invite you to visit our booth (G01) in hall 06.

IGNITE SERIES - new harness series with thought-through details
With the new harness series IGNITE SERIES, with many thought-through details, SKYLOTEC sets new standards in ergonomics and design. These include padding, which are tailored to the human anatomy and distribute the load optimally. The weight no longer overloads the shoulders, but is distributed optimally to the hips. Strong muscles or tensions in the shoulder and neck area are a thing of the past. Another smart detail solution is a new adjuster. This ensures that the webbing is not inadvertently loosened - not even when the wearer is constantly in motion. All IGNITE models assure a high wearing comfort and easier handling - important conditions for the user to wear the personal protective equipment against falls (PSAgA) in the first place.

Carabiner for right and left hand use
DOUBLE is a new carabiner series with 180° rotatable Twistlock and Trilock closures. For the first time opening of the gate in both directions is possible. This innovation offers a decisive advantage: The carabiners are comparatively easy to open with one hand and suitable for both left and right hand use. The handling of the carabiner is totally easy - even if the user holds tools in one hand and has to handle the release with the other.

Door truss with unique properties
Additionally a new door truss sees its debut with an unprecedented feature: For the first time a mobile anchor point covers all door widths! The door truss is available in two versions - for doors with a width of 600-1150 mm / 24-45” and a width of 985-1525 mm / 39-60”. This even enables uses on hospital doors, which are usually much wider than conventional doors. An additional plus: The truss is made of aluminum, which ensures a low weight and facilitates mounting. Furthermore, it has rounded edges and profile plastic caps at the ends. This reduces the risk of injury to the user as well as minimizes the risk of scratches and wear. The mobile anchor point can be used for up to two people simultaneously.

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