Inspections can only be carried out by SKYLOTEC-qualified and specially trained persons who are also experts for PPE according to DGUV 312-906.

The wear control is very easy compared to other devices. Because GORDON has some special features, so that a clear statement about the condition of the device can be made. Then it can be decided whether the device may continue to be used or components should be replaced. Special revision kits are available for this.

Inspection kits
WERK-0575-1 Inspection Kit 1: contains all screws and spacers (bolts)
WERK-0575-2 Inspection Kit 2: contains two centrifugal half housing


Inspection of Spacers

If a GORDON spacer fits into the gauge of the housing, it must be replaced. If a spacer does not fit into the gauge, it can remain in the housing (as long asno other damage is recognizable).

Spacer (bolt) does not fit into the gauge
→ OK for use
Spacer (bolt) fits into the gauge
→ NOT OK for use
→ Spacers need to be changed


Inspections of the centrifugal housing

If a marking is no longer visible, the centrifugal housings must be replaced in pairs.

Lasermarking visible, all sprockets are all right
→ OK for use
Usual wear of the sprockets, but lasermarking is still visible
→ OK for use
Lasermarking is not visible anymore
→ NOT OK for use
→ both centrifugal housings must be replaced