Safe Work Concept

Seminar description:
Innovative and reliable equipment form the basis for optimal work conditions. To perform a rescue operation or an emergency situation safety a functional teamwork is the key to success. When individuals have to achieve specific job responsibilities all team members must be able to trust in each other. However, you have to know your own strengths and weaknesses to achieve success in critical situations.

The Safe Work Concept at Skylotec raises the awareness of your employees. Your employees must understand the course of events and processes in an emergency situation. They must know how to utilize all employees, in an emergency, in an efficient and effective safe manner.

The proficiency of the teamwork decides the efficiency of a team or a company!

Target group:
Fire brigade/ German Federal Agency for Technical Relief
Rescue service
Industrial climber
Employees of the group of job safety

Content oft he seminar:

Theory and practice
- subjective and objective dangers
- communication in operations and emergency situations
- situational action / reaction
- failure management and chains of errors
- risk management in teamwork
- right action in emergency situations

Duration: 1 day

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