SKYLOTEC expands its head protection product range with visors

SKYLOTEC provides workers in industry and trades reliable head protection with its industrial climbing helmet, “Inceptor GRX”, which is also comfortable to wear. The helmet series also features many add-on accessories, such as capsule ear protection and neck protection against intense UV exposure. Now, it has been expanded with visors for face protection from injury, designed by SKYLOTEC’s cooperation partner Centurion. Any helmet can be modified to suit the conditions of various workplaces providing very diverse use options.

The all-purpose face protection made by cooperation partner Centurion is now one of the approved accessory parts for Inceptor GRX by SKYLOTEC.”

Working at heights during construction or demolition, or many other industrial areas as well, harbors above-average risks for head injuries - for instance, from falling or swinging objects. This is why workers in this area must wear helmets as part of their personal protective equipment (PPE). Work such as drilling, grinding and sanding also harbors dangers from flying splinters and particles that can not only injure eyes, but the entire face. This is why such activities require solutions that combine head and face protection. SKYLOTEC’s Inceptor GRX industrial climbing helmet now also offers face protection in a variety of versions. The visors are made by the cooperation partner Centurion, a leading manufacturer of head protection systems. The Inceptor GRX can be equipped with an all-purpose visor, certified according to EN 166 1 B T 9 3, for protection when drilling or grinding, etc. It can also be expanded with a multi-purpose visor. This meets the requirements of EN 166 1 B T 8 9 3 and ARC class 1. That means that the helmet also protects against light arcs which can occur during an electrical short-circuit. Both versions are made of polycarbonate. They can be attached easily to a 30-mm Euroslot on the side of the Inceptor GRX. They also have a UV filter that corresponds to the requirements of EN 170. The visors can be combined with matching Centurion capsule ear protection that attaches to the visor.

Numerous accessory parts complete the helmet series from SKYLOTEC.

Accessories flexibly combined

SKYLOTEC is constantly expanding its head protection series. In addition to the visor, the industrial climbing helmet features other details that make using it easier for workers. This includes various multi-functional adapters, such as the two-way attached Gear Rack, and additional Euroslots. For instance, neck protection against UV radiation can be attached on the back of the helmet. This is particularly important for people who regularly work outdoors and thus have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. The equipment available for the Inceptor GRX climbing helmet makes it adaptable to the requirements of a variety of industries and a wide range of uses. Another advantage: Components such as chin straps, neck bands, interior padding and Gear Rack can be exchanged so that they can be separately cleaned or replaced when worn out. There are also versions that are highly light reflective for visibility in dark environments.

“Workers wearing the Inceptor GRX in the color red are easily seen.”

Helmet models with various international approvals

The helmet series Inceptor GRX models are certified under EN 397:2012 and meet strict requirements for dampening and penetration protection. SKYLOTEC also offers a high-voltage model that has been approved under EN 50365:2002 and comes without any ventilation openings for that reason. This standard is valid for electrically isolating helmets worn to work under voltage or near parts that are located under high-tension wires up to 1,000 volts AC. Such industrial climbing helmets are suitable for employees who work on overhead power lines in the energy sector. When combined with other isolating PPE, these models can prevent hazardous physical electrocution through the head. INCEPTOR GRX is now available in red and yellow as well, in addition to the existing black, white and orange models.

Expanded colors for the different versions of the industrial climbing helmet: Inceptor GRX is now available in yellow as well.”
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