Successful audit of the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA)

On 05th of June 2013 SKYLOTEC was audited successfully by the LBA. The LBA is responsible for security of all air transport and has certified SKYLOTEC as a "secure dispatcher".

The "secure dispatcher" ensures that the identifiable air cargo / air mail is protected at its site or at its premises adequately against unauthorized access and manipulation.

The identified cargo of the "secure dispatcher", is not subject to repeated security checks. The cargo can be immediately passed to any company which has the status as a “regulated agent “.

Manufacturers that are not audited as a  "secure dispatcher" it means that the freight is automatically declared as unsafe. Each piece of cargo undergoes an extra control (X-ray, hand control, sniff test, etc.) through the federal agency at the airport. This results in significantly longer waiting times and increased costs.

SKYLOTEC goods bypass these special controls due to strict internal controls and the successful LBA audit. This also applies to cargo being handled Exworks. Therefore SKYLOTEC saves time and money for its customers and their carriers.

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