SKYLOTEC expands its global training offering with a new training center in Sweden

SKYLOTEC has now opened another new training centre for its "Vertical Rescue College". The site in Scandinavia is one of nearly 20 worldwide, in which SKYLOTEC, a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE) and fall protection systems, prepare employees for work and rescue. This is because wearing PPE as protection against the danger of a fall from a height at work is simply not enough. Employees should also know how to put it on, how to maintain the equipment and how to respond should the worst happen and they or their colleagues needs to be rescued and how to do this quickly and safely.

 Swedish energy company Vattenfall intends to put 70 offshore wind turbines into operation in the North Sea in 2017. The assembly and maintenance work on the turbines, which are nearly 100 metres high in places, will be extremely challenging for the staff – not least with regard to safety issues. The danger of a fall is a daily threat. In cases like this, an investment in modern PPE and security systems is not enough. It is just as important for staff to be prepared as realistically as possible for the work situation they will face every day. This applies to 1,700 employees alone for Swedish energy companies. In future, they will be trained by SKYLOTEC experts in Sweden. This is possible because the manufacturer of modern solutions for fall prevention not only offers an extensive product portfolio but also a range of training options with the "Vertical Rescue College". In Sweden, the training courses for the energy group's staff can be carried out in a new training centre, which SKYLOTEC has now opened. The centre has an indoor space of 300 square metres and is situated in grounds with heights of 18 metres, where it is now possible to provide training in fall protection, height rescue, and working on roofs and in confined spaces and enclosed environments.

This is the 19th facility to be put into operation by the fall prevention manufacturer from Neuwied.

Realistic hands-on training
The Swedish energy group is not a unique case. Company employees carry out work at heights all over the world. Whether it involves a high-bay warehouse in the logistics sector, machine maintenance in industry or overhead power line construction, in areas like these, staff have to protect themselves from a fall and also know how they need to react in an emergency. SKYLOTEC’s experts can provide training and equipment that enables your staff to react to any emergency.

The special feature of the training is that it is not only available at 19 sites worldwide but can also be carried out on a company's own premises. The training courses can be tailored to the special requirements of the particular worksite, where employees are prepared as realistically as possible for the work situation they face every day. And the experts at the "Vertical Rescue College" are always there to offer support. The trainers are genuine professionals. They themselves have years of experience in wind energy, height rescue or mobile phone mast construction. In addition, many of them are members of the emergency services.

Confidence is an important factor
Theoretical content on standards, legislation, accident risks and First Aid must be included, obviously. But hands-on practical learning is at the heart of every training course. Every move is repeated several times, whether it be the proper way to put on the PPE or the selection of the suitable anchor points when abseiling or performing a rescue. Always accompanied by the equipment that the staff use every day. Through training the students not only gain the skills and knowledge of how to use their equipment, they gain trust in it and the confidence that should the need arise it will save their life.

This creates confidence. Because anyone who actually experiences a fall does not want to rely only on the fact that his colleagues are prepared for emergencies. They also want to be able to trust the equipment they wear.

SKYLOTEC offers individual training courses according to the area of application and the sector. The training courses fulfil all of the requirements of the standards of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and the Technical and Representative Association For Industrial Rope Access Working Methods (FISAT).

Further information on the training courses offered by the VRC is available here.

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