Art. no. HSG-022-1,8-7
Art. no. HSG-022-1,8-7
EAN 4030281294849
Standard BASED ON EN 354:2010, DIN 19427:2017, EN 360:2002, RFU CNB/P/11.060, RFU CNB/P/11.085
Fall indicator Yes
E-class number 40-02-01-03
Suitable for edges yes
Max. service life 10 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Rated load 135 KG
Patent Yes
Temperature 45 °C - -35 °C
Suspension element BAND
Area of application Facade / Window Cleaning, High Rack
Customs no. 84798997
Size 1,8m
Weight 4,87 lbs
Carabiner on anchoring point side RESISTOR
Carabiner on belt side STAK TRI AL
Material Polyester, Polyamide, Aluminium