NEW: DOUBLE carabiner series facilitates left-handed and right-handed working

With the DOUBLE series, SKYLOTEC presents new carabiners with twistlock and trilock closures that can be rotated by 180°. This is an optimum solution for all employees who work left-handedly or two-handedly and need to climb. The key feature: due to the intelligent design, it is possible for the first time ever to open the gate in both directions.

Persons using carabiners as fall protection have experienced the problem: The solutions that have been available on the market so far, have all been designed for right-handed use. Their closures can only be turned to the right. Therefore, left-handed use is rather difficult. Also, users who, for example, hold a tool in one hand and need to release themselves from the carabiner one-handedly with the other experience limitations of movement in every-day work. With the new DOUBLE carabiner series by SKYLOTEC these problems are history. The speciality: the carabiners are equipped with an innovative constructional feature that allows for rotating the twistlock and trilock closures by 180°. This innovative technology has been applied for registered design in Germany, and additionally, an application for European patent has been filed. The crucial benefit of this mechanism over conventional solutions: The carabiners can be opened relatively easily with only one hand and they are equally suited for right-handed and left-handed operation.

The new carabiners by SKYLOTEC made of aluminium are available with smoothly operating double or triple locking mechanisms, either as oval-shaped carabiners referred to as DOUBLE-O or as HMS carabiners referred to as DOUBLE. All carabiners of the series are approved for use in industrial environments and may also be used in alpine sports. They comply with the requirements as per EN 362 as connective element and as per EN 12775 and UIAA 121 for carabiners.

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