SKYLOTEC DEUS makes safe and rapid rescue in emergency situations possible

When working at heights, fall protection is an absolute must. The same applies to having the appropriate rescue plans. In some cases, workers need to be able to get themselves to safety and solutions for self-evacuation are therefore required. Devices with centrifugal brakes are ideal in these cases. As a manufacturer of fall protection equipment, SKYLOTEC is the market leader in this sector – offering a variety of abseil and rescue devices from the “Deus” range.


“The ‘Deus 3700’ is small, light – and available to use immediately in an emergency.”

People working at heights or depths as maintenance technicians in industry or as power mast technicians cannot operate without fall protection systems. However, when it comes to safety, this alone is not enough. After all, workers may need to be able to get themselves or their colleagues to safety quickly in an emergency. SKYLOTEC has introduced new abseil and self-rescue devices for precisely these kinds of situations. The manufacturer of fall protection equipment is the market leader in rescue devices. As well as the long-established and successful “Milan” series, which is suitable for rescuing injured persons or for the rapid evacuation of several people, small and light self-rescue devices from the “Deus” series are now part of the product range. These are used for self-evacuation, for example if escape routes on a factory roof are blocked by fire. The main advantage compared with many of the rescue devices available on the market is that these abseil devices – like the “Milan” devices – have centrifugally controlled brakes, which allow safe, hands-free abseiling at a constant speed.



Self-rescue is sometimes absolutely essential

“With the rescue devices from the “Deus” series, workers can abseil safely down to the ground in an emergency.”

Solutions such as the “Deus 3700” are small, lightweight and will not restrict users as they carry out their daily work. They are worn on the body as part of their personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) and can therefore be used immediately in an emergency. If, for example, a technician falls from a power mast and is hanging on the rope, in some cases he will not be able to wait to be rescued. Instead, he must be able to rescue himself using his own personal abseil system. This is sometimes absolutely essential as hanging on a rope can restrict blood circulation – and in the worst case scenario lead to suspension trauma. This can cause death within just a few minutes. Since rescue services often can’t get to the scene of the accident quickly enough, especially in rural areas, and have not always been trained for rescue at heights, self-rescue is often the best solution. In some cases, rescue is hardly like to to be possible if the required equipment must first be fetched from a colleague or if it means waiting for the rescue services to respond to an emergency call.

The “Deus” rescue devices from SKYLOTEC are available in various versions. For users working at heights in the construction industry, carrying out maintenance work on telecommunications masts or working on wind turbines, the “Deus 3700” is the best choice. The rescue device is also impressively flexible: it can be used not only for self-evacuation, but also for workplace positioning. The “Deus 3700” can be used at heights of up to 180 metres and the maximum load is 140 kilograms. Like all models in the “Deus” range, the device has a milled aluminium housing, making it extremely resistant and long-lasting. The “Deus 3700” is certified in accordance with EN 341, ANSI Z359.4 and NFPA 1983 (12ED).

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