New harness: SKYLOTEC expands its popular “Ignite Series”

When it comes to wearing comfort and design, SKYLOTEC has set new standards on the market with its “Ignite Series”. Now the manufacturer of fall protection has expanded its popular harness series with new models that are optimal for use in rope-assisted work for industry and tree work. It has expanded the harness program with different models for almost every possible area of use. Just as with the other models, the new harness “Ignite Series” has clever details, real simplification, and added safety for all who work at heights.

Whether in industry, on construction or at a wind turbine plant - whoever works at great heights must have fall protection. Harnesses which are part of PPE, personal protection equipment, need to be comfortable for sitting and uncomplicated for operating. The “Ignite Series” from SKYLOTEC has been setting standards since 2015. The harness line has multiple clever details that increase wearing comfort and makes operation easier. This includes high-quality padding shaped for the human body and special adjusters. These prevent the strap from loosening while working. In addition, a well-thought out color scheme ensures that workers can use the equipment as easily as possible - and reduce the risk of wrongly operating it. Now SKYLOTEC has expanded its popular harness line with models for use in rope assisted work.

“Ignite Neon” - for rope access applications in industry

The ‘Ignite Neon’ was specially designed for use with industrial rope access applications.

A new member of the “Ignite Series” is the “Ignite Neon” - a harness that is particularly suited to rope access applications in industry and that comes equipped with an integrated chest ascender that has been tested with weight up to 140 kg. The built-in attachment points have the harness series color concept: The attachment points are in a bright orange, the work and seat positioning points are in gray. That makes using it as easy and clear as possible for the user. The waist harness is simple to adjust and has flexible leg connectors. These have a dual adjustment option that makes for a comfortable wearing. Once adjusted, you can depend on it to hold the desired length. Whoever is in motion does not need to deal with the problem of having to constantly adjust the belt straps. The “Ignite Neon” scores in wearing comfort and flexibility. It has breathable shoulder padding that prevents heavy sweating. It also can be separately replaced in case of heavy wear or extreme soiling.

The “Ignite Neon” is approved under EN 361 as a fall-arrest harness and under EN 358 as a work positioning harness in fall hazardous zones. It is additionally certified under EN 813 for holding in a seated work position while working in ropes. Depending on the size of the harness, it is equipped with two or four gear loops. The “Ignite Argon” harness, in contrast, is available without a chest ascender but still has the same equipment features as the “Ignite Neon”. It is particularly suited for seated activity where no chest ascender is needed on the harness.

“The expandable ‘Ignite Arb’ is very robust and is suitable for arborist work where heavy tools need to be carried along.”

“Ignite Arb” and “Ignite Record” - for arborists

“Ignite Arb” and “Ignite Record” – these are the new SKYLOTEC models for use by arborists. “Ignite Arb” is very robust and, for that reason, particularly suited for working under rougher conditions - for example, when heavy tools such as chain saws need to be carried along. The harness has many practical gear loops which can be used to attach relatively heavy loads. “Ignite Arb” also has an innovative ‘sliding bridge’ which can be replaced if needed without tools or any additional screws by simply using a threading technique. The advantage of that is that when they are worn out, the complete harness does not need to be replaced. Another advantage is that it reduces the risk of using the wrong screws or not tightening them properly when replacing it. Yet another plus for safety: The ‘sliding bridge’ is available in two different models - with one or with two rings - and in different lengths, and a indicator shows when excessive wear has allowed the material to get too thin and needs replacing. “Ignite Arb” is available as a waist harness certified under EN 358 and EN 813. It can be expanded with a fitted top part to make a complete harness which is then certified under EN 361.

Sporty, light-weight, comfortable - the ‘Ignite Record’ supplements the ‘Ignite Series’ harness line in the application area of tree work and is available as a waist harness or complete harness in various versions.”

For fast and light arborist work, SKYLOTEC also offers the improved harness “Ignite Record”. The model weighs just 900 grams and is used when work can be done with a minimum of tools. The "Ignite Record" is the right choice for those who do not want to miss out on the advantages of a comfortable sports harness from the leisure sector, even on the job. This is because the harness is not only approved under EN 358 and EN 813 for activities in industry, but also certified under EN 12277/A+C:2015 + A1:2018 for sport climbing. When it comes to wearing comfort, the new model also scores with lots of practical details. The harness has breathable leg and shoulder padding designed to prevent excessive sweating. “Ignite Record” also can be configured to individual wishes by expanding it with the available top part which comes with or without a chest ascender. This allows the range of applications to be easily enlarged because “Ignite Record” is not only suitable for rope assisted work in the area of tree care. It can also be used for route construction in climbing halls, for creating parcourses in rope courses or for tactical tasks.

“Skyboard X” – for longer periods working at heights

“Ignite Neon” and “Ignite Arb” can also be expanded with a padded seat board. The “Skyboard X” can be attached with the gray loops on the harness and is suitable for work at heights of longer durations executed with the help of rope access techniques. It provides high comfort while sitting without constricting thighs. It also provides sufficient hold so that the user can be well positioned during work. Additional gear loops allow taking along tools and other work utensils. This is especially helpful in areas such as rotor blade maintenance at wind turbine plants, tree care, window and building cleaning or fire fighting and emergency rescue. The seat board can be easily adjusted to the right length. “Skyboard” is comfortably attached with its two very light parachute carabiners to the harness.

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