The ultra-compact self-locking descender

Getting the most difficult jobs done with SKYLOTEC!

SIRIUS - The ultra-compact self-locking descender

SIRIUS is our first self-locking descender specially designed for all kind of rope-based access work, e.g. industrial climbing, height rescue or rope work for arborists and building cleaners. SIRIUS combines all the advantages of the best descenders and offers outstanding handling and long service life with its extremely compact design. The device lies perfectly in your hand. Its auto-returning operation lever has a particularly small radius of motion so that you can work noticeably faster and more accurately - and therefore more comfortably and safely.

The lever also has an additional small hole on top. This means that in the event of a rescue, it is possible to attach an accessory cord to the victim's lever and simultaneously operate both descenders on two separate ropes or operate a descender from distance. We have equipped SIRIUS with a becket (upper attachment point) for mechanical pulley systems, which allows the user to quickly transport work materials and tools to the site of use. The rope insertion is intuitive and safe: The carabiner stays connected to the device at all times. We designed the route of the rope in such a way that it is protected from twisting and kinking, and from excessive wear and tear. We also completely eliminated wear-vulnerable synthetic parts so that you can depend on SIRIUS, even under the harshest conditions, to reliably and enduringly support you. 100 % metal stands for 100 % safety and quality.

Discover SIRIUS! The self-locking descender for the heaviest demands:

  • Outstanding handling thanks to compact design and intuitive rope insertion and operation
  • Long-lasting and sturdy: 100 % metal
  • Auto-locking function, improved anti-panic function

Intuitive Seileinlegung

GET UP - The small rope clamp for big demands

GET UP is both rope clamp and manual ascender at once, and was developed for anyone who wants the best handling even under the most challenging conditions.  The clever, ergonomic design makes it possible to use it left-handed, right-handed or two-handed with a huge amount of grip. GET UP is feather-weight and extremely robust at the same time because there are no synthetic parts.

Die handliche Seilklemme für Rope Access

The 2-carabiner eyelet eliminates carabiner chains. That means: Less material used and faster ascent if you use foot slings and cowtails. You can also use pulley systems much easier. The newly designed opening zipper on the GET UP prevents unintentional opening it and makes one-handed operation very easy – even when wearing thick gloves. GET UP. The small rope clamp for big demands:

  • Ergonomic design: Perfect grip, left, right or two-handed.
  • 2-Carabiner eyelet: No more carabiner chains
  • Opening zipper: greater safety, easier operation

The perfect companion for your challenge


Der IGNITE NEON vereint alle Bedürfnisse an einen

The IGNITE NEON combines everything needed for a high-quality harness for industrial rope access equipment. It has an integrated rope clamp and its own gray loops for attaching the seat board. The built-in attachment points have the IGNITE series color concept: Bright orange for the attachment points, in compliance with EN 361, grays for the positioning and sitting attachment points. The high-quality, padded waist harness can be easily adjusted, as can the flexible leg connections, which have high wearing comfort because of the dual adjustment options. Once adjusted, you can depend on it to hold the desired length. Breathable and removable padding as well as the stitched back waist band in the shoulder area prevent heavy sweating or cutting into your neck. The smallest size has two gear loops, the others have four.

  • Comfortable harness for rope access equipment
  • Integrated rope clamp with certified 140 kg
  • Flexible adjustment options

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Professional harness for Rope Access

Sporty seat harness - impresses with lightness and flexibility

Multifunctional harness for tree care work
Solid harness for the rope access work


This ergonomically shaped and padded seat board is exactly the right solution for working at heights using rope access equipment for extended periods. The SKYBOARD X provides high comfort without constricting thighs when sitting for extended periods of time, and provides the needed support for solid positioning. Additional gear loops make it possible to bring tools and work utensils along when doing tasks such as rotor blade maintenance, tree care, window and facade cleaning, and fire and emergency uses. The seat board simply needs to be adjusted to the right length and then fastened using the two feather-light parachute carabiners on sit harnesses like the IGNITE NEON or IGNITE ARG. A rear snap is used to attach the board to the harness when not in use so that it is not an annoyance.

Sitzbrett für Rope Access Anwendungen

  • Increased ergonomic comfort and improved sitting
  • Easy to clip onto the sit harness
  • Additional gear can be attached

Rope Access Work SKYLOTEC

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