Art. no. A-040
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The SKYLOTEC LORY is a very well proven and reliable semiautomatic belay device for sport climbing or for setting up slacklines. Equipped with an automatic blocking mechanism as well as a panic function for extra safety when lowering a climber, the LORY is recommended for beginners and pros alike.

  • Large handle with panic function for controlled lowering of a climber.
  • Blocking mechanism cannot be disabled by the gripping reflex
  • Suitable for rope diameters between 8.9 and 11 mm
Art. no. A-040
EAN 4030281280156
Standard DIN EN 12841-C:2006, DIN EN 15151-1:2012, DIN EN 341-2A:2011
Abseiling height 190,00 m
Diameter 11,40 mm
E-class number 40-02-01-06
Max. service life 30 Years
Max. number of persons 1
Temperature 60 °C - -20 °C
Area of application Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces, Rope Courses
Customs no. 84798997
Weight 0,37 kg
Material Aluminium, Stainless Steel