Safe working on rooftops

HAVEN - Guardrail for collective protection on roofs

What makes HAVEN a good fall protection solution?

European standards insist that collective protection must come first! This means that, wherever possible, guardrails - rather than Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls from a height - should be the preferred solution.


Safe working on roofs with HAVEN

HAVEN is a guardrail for collective protection that can be used on flat roofs, terraced roofs or work platforms with up to 10° inclination. The free-standing version can be installed without penetrating the roof skin by means of weights encased in a plastic housing (25 kg per post).
Benefits of the HAVEN guardrail compared to individual protection systems:

  • Complete protection is provided at all times.
  • No special training is necessary for the personnel to be secured.
  • No annual inspection of the system is required.
  • An unlimited number of people can access the roof surface, enabling increased productivity.
  • The rail is made from weather-resistant aluminium.
  • Easy installation is ensured thanks to the system‘s low weight and simple plugin connectors.
  • A variety of design variants and individual elements are available, which can be combined with an individual overall system.
  • Ideal system to make both new and existing buildings safe.
  • The guardrail is inconspicuous from ground level and blends visually with the building‘s façade.
  • Especially suitable for securing skylight domes.
  • The rail can only be used in areas that are inaccessible to the public.


Various mounting possibilities and versions available


  • Freestanding through Counterweight (with and without kickboard)
  • H-Bracket Parapet Mounting Plate for mounting at the parapet (with and without kickboard)
  • V-Bracket Wall Mounting Plate for mounting at the lateral parapet
  • Z-Bracket Mounting Plate for mounting below the parapet coverage

haven_bild 1a haven_bild 2a haven_bild 3a haven_bild 4a


  • Straight
  • Inclined



HAVEN fulfills two relevant European standards:

  • EN ISO 14122-3: Stairs, stepladders and guardrails
  • EN 13374 – Class A: Temporary Edge Protection Systems


Your advantage: Service and consultancy

We offer not only the product solutions for collective protection, but also support you comprehensively throughout your whole project from planning to execution and afterwards:

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Clarification of technical details
  • Measurements on site
  • Planning of the fall protection system
  • Development of customer-specific solutions
  • Support in managing the project business
  • Customised delivery with laying plan
  • Technical support during assembly
  • After-sales service


You can reach our experts by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or phoning +49 2631-9680-0.


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