Individually configurable fall-arrest system

CLAW LINE - the unique cable fall-arrest system for ladders and structures of all kinds

The new CLAW LINE enables the safe ascent or descent of ladders to reach the required height or depth. The EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017 certified cable fall-arrest system can be installed on the existing structures independently of the ladder or, where required, attached directly to the ladder. The 3 basic systems can be combined with one another flexibly as required. This means that the system offers the right solution to suit the specific circumstances and is EN certified for 8 mm and 3/8 inch stainless steel cables. With our CLAW runner, users can climb easily and safely up and down the permanently installed system, without having to reattach themselves at intermediate structural anchors. Typical areas in which the CLAW LINE can be used include telecommunications, energy supply, wind turbines, high-bay storage, chimneys, water supplies and sewage disposal.

The CLAW LINE has a variety of impressive features

  • Simple planning and installation – the upper and lower anchor points can be selected and combined as required
  • Entire system made of high-quality stainless steel (V4A) – top quality and corrosion resistance in the offshore, near shore and onshore sectors, as well as in water supplies and sewage disposal
  • The individual elements are packaged extremely efficiently – small pack sizes can easily be transported to the place of installation
  • Extremely simple installation – modular system is easy to understand and practically self-explanatory for the installer
  • Intermediate supports can be traversed easily with the CLAW runner – making it easier for the user to climb
  • EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017, user weight: up to 150 kg

Individually configurable fall-arrest systems

System 1

System 2

System 3

Installation on an existing ladder Installation using structural anchor points Installation on existing D-BOLT anchor points
>>Detailed view of upper anchor point >>Detailed view of upper anchor point >>Detailed view of upper anchor point
>>Detailed view of lower anchor point >>Detailed view of lower anchor point >>Detailed view of upper anchor point


Overview of configuration options

All the upper and lower anchor points can be combined as required. This means that there are 9 different construction versions for each of 2 different cable diameters (8mm and 3/8 inch):

Combination Upper anchor point Lower anchor point
Combination 1: Ladder Ladder
Combination 2: Ladder Structure
Combination 3: Ladder D-Bolt
Combination 4: Structure Structure
Combination 5: Structure D-Bolt
Combination 6: Structure Ladder
Combination 7: D-Bolt D-Bolt
Combination 8: D-Bolt Structure
Combination 9: D-Bolt Ladder


Please pay attention to the following points during installation

  • The top anchor point CL-011 requires reinforcement for aluminium ladders with a rung size of 30 x 30 mm in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14122-4:2010.
  • A clamping element is fundamental for each system.
  • Intermediate supports are available to suit requirements and rung type (round, square, 8 mm, 10 mm).


Installation of the CLAW LINE



>Find all the individual components here

>Find the system lable here


CLAW – the runner for the CLAW LINE system

With the CLAW cable runner, SKYLOTEC provides a unique solution for permanently installed fall-arrest systems, allowing employees to have safe access when working at heights or in lower-lying areas. The cable runner boasts features that enable simplified application and greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

For instance, the runner is secured directly in a number of ways to prevent incorrect use in error. The fall arrester cannot, for example, be attached to the rope if it is held the wrong way round by the user. An integrated locking mechanism prevents this from happening and a skull symbol also clearly indicates the application error. In order to prevent unintended or ill-considered removal the cable runner may only be removed from the rope if the user actively releases a locking mechanism, loosening the runner in the process. The brake shoe opens with a light tug on the carabiner, while the user guides the runner up or down. This makes practically flawless and effortless climbing to a higher or lower work location possible.

If the climber slips or falls, the carabiner swings very suddenly downwards. This is how the CLAW stops the fall. A built-in fall attenuator further reduces any forces that may arise in the event of a fall to below the permitted 6 kN, whereby the forces exerted on the human body are moderated. The cable runner is certified in accordance with EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017, ANSI A14.3-08, CSA Z259.2.5-17 and OSHA as guided type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line . It secures a maximum of one person weighing from 50 kg to 150 kg.



What experts say about the CLAW cable runner?

"I am pleased to announce that ComTrain has completed its in-depth testing of your ladder safety device, “Claw”. As you are aware we evaluate every product with a rigorous three month process that we call ComTested. We are proud to state that we continue to be the largest end user testing experts in the field of communications. Not every product meets our standards, in fact quite the opposite. Our instructors only place approvals on less than 10%.

It pleases us greatly that a manufacturer is attempting to make a new ladder safety cable sleeve. As you are no doubt aware, there just isn’t many others to choose from. We were pleasantly surprised on how well it works. It is much lighter than its competitor. We really like the fact that the hook and arrest package are replaceable. It descends very well although it is a little touchy on ascent depending on cable type and diameter. Although, with the decreased cost and the fact that it has the ability to be maintained, its value supersedes anything in its class. With all this being said it is definitely, as of this evaluation, the best in its field and we will not hesitate to recommend it.
We found this cable grab excels in the following:

  • Much lighter than anything in its field
  • Tapered opening on top and below the slide allows for maximum efficiency when gliding over obstacles
  • Attractive design and coloring (as with all Skylotec brands)
  • Field replaceable hook and absorber is a huge plus
  • Easy to apply and remove from cable
  • Descends the cable without hanging up better than anything in its class"

July, 2018 I Steve Wilcox, Comtrain U.S.A.