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Rescue devices, including unused ones, which are kept in reserve for emergencies, must be inspected once a year. With the SEAL PAC this is simplified. The MILAN rescue device with individual rope length and accessories is packed in a specially padded and sealed aluminium box. An authorised inspector opens the box once a year and checks the moisture indicator on the packaging. If it is in perfect condition, the inspector reseals the metal box with an enclosed seal. This simplified annual inspection procedure saves time and money, as there are no costly transport routes and thus no downtimes. The regular service life of the SEAL PAC is 15 years and can be extended once for another 15 years - after replacement of the MILAN brake and textile components within a special resealing process. This corresponds to a total service life of up to 30 years. (valid from 01.04.20 in Europe, from 01.06.20 in the USA) DIMENSION SET 80 m: 550 x 350 x 245 mm

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E-class number 40-02-90-01
Max. service life 15+15 Years
Customs no. 84798997