Art. no. ACS-0244
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The stylish SKYPACK is ideal for daily use and captivates with its clear lines in design and function even when used daily. The spacious main compartment can be opened completely and allows you to access and view the entire work material. Through lateral reinforcement, the rucksack remains dimensionally stable, even though it offers with its capacity of 34 litres enough space for safety harness, fasteners, fall arrester device, rope or carabiners. Small parts can be stowed in both inner and outer mesh pockets of SKYPACK. To ensure that the user recognises his material from the outside at any time, his name or a mark may be entered in the appropriate lateral insertion slot. An outside pocket with zip fastener provides a safe place for mobile phone, wallet and keys.

Max. rope length Ø11mm: 60 mtr

Art. no. ACS-0244
EAN 4030281222606
E-class number 40-02-92-90
Material load, max. 10,00 kg
Customs no. 42029291
Size 510 x 310 x 250mm
Contents 34,00 L
Weight 0,65 kg
Material Polyester