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GWO - Customer Satisfaction 2018

Kundenbewertung - VRC Manual Handling Customer evaluation - VRC Manual Handling


Kundenbewertung - VRC First Aid Customer evaluation - VRC First Aid


Kundenbewertung - VRC Fire Customer evaluation - VRC Fire awareness


Kundenbewertung - GE Manual Handling Customer evaluation - On-Site Training Manual Handling


Kundenbewertung - GE Wind Working at Hights Customer evaluation - On-Site Training Working at Hights


Kundenbewertung - GE Wind First Aid Customer evaluation - On-Site Training  Wind First Aid


Kundenbewertung - GE Wind Fire Customer evaluation - On-Site Training Fire awareness


Kundenbewertung - VRC Wind Working at Hights Customer evaluation - VRC Wind Working at Hights

What are our trainees saying about the Vertical Rescue College training programmes?

Sachkundigenschulung PSA nach DGUV 312-906 - Oktober 2017 - Neuwied
"Durch den Kurs wurde sehr wertvolles Wissen für die Sicherheit im Gebiet Absturzsicherung vermittelt."
Herr Stampfer, Feuerwehr Chur

Steigen und Retten mit Milan - September 2017 - Neuwied
"Ich empfang die Schulung vor allem sehr nützlich, da wir die im täglich Umgang bzw. bei den regelmäßigen Revisionen auftretenden Fragen theoretisch und praktisch detailiert besprochen haben."
Note 1
Herr Hanfe, PCH Technischer Handel GmbH

Steigen und Retten mit Milan - September 2017 - Neuwied
"Zu loben ist die sehr gute Organisation und Vorbereitung dieser Weiterbildung und die wirklich freundliche Betreuung."
Note 1
Herr Zunk, PCH Technischer Handel GmbH

Wind Energy Climb and Save - December 2016 - Neuwied
"For several years, I have regularly participated in Skylotec training courses, which greatly strengthen my safety skills and improve my abilities for work on onshore / offshore wind farms. The trainings serve as excellent refreshers. The courses demand and offer the possibility of active participation."
Score: 1,2
Mr. Frank Weber

PSAgA Training - June 2016 - Neuwied
"The training was good overall. The coaches had a lot of expertise, both in theory and practice. Classrooms and catering were good. [...] Unfortunately, no steel lattice mast exists with real rise ratios, because 3 participants working in the energy supply to overhead lines."
Score: 2
Mr Thomas Jahnel, Neuwied

IRATA, Level 2 - March 2016 - Neuwied
"The theoretical and practical skills have been imparted and trained very well. The trainer answered to all my points and questions in a detailed matter. All in all a very successful and instructive week."
Score: 1
Mr Christopher Hellwig, Koblenz

Working at heights (GWO) - February 2016 - Neuwied
„Very good and extensive training. Especially practice-oriented, due to the different services and mounting situations. Instructors are always in a good mood, provide a good atmosphere and involve their experiences and practical skills. I would be happy to come back."
Score: 2
Mr Sebastian Freiheit, Geilenkirchen

Climbing and rescuing using Milan, Basic Course - January 2016 - Neuwied
More than competent explanations and presentations. Everything was perfekt."
Score: 1+
Mr Oliver Rozulski, Dortmund

IRATA level 2 - October 2015 - Neuwied
"Very satisfied"
Score: 1
Mr Branislav Tatcala, Neubiberg

IRATA level 1 - August 2015 - Neuwied
"This was a very well organised course from beginning to end. The trainer was very skilled and the training hall was very well-equipped. I can fully recommend this course to others."
Score: 1
Mr Florian Immoos, IMMOOS GmbH, Morschach

IRATA level 1 - August 2015 - Neuwied
"The course was VERY good and I learned a lot. The instructor was great. Thank you very much.”
Score: 1
Mr Joachim Duerloo, Falck Safety Services, Oostende (B)

IRATA level 1 - August 2015 - Neuwied
"Training level was very high, super motivated group and trainers. We had an intense week of fun and rope access training in a well-equipped training ground."
Score: 1
Mr. Björn Vermeyen, Falck Safety Services, Oostende (B)

IRATA level 1 - August 2015 - Neuwied
"As a new person in the trade I have to say that the explanation of all theory and practical was very clear and useful."
Score: 1
Mr. Alphé Rémi Savoie, Leipzig

Pilot training: Climbing and rescuing in shafts and sewers - July 2015 - Neuwied
"Mr Heumann delivered this training course very methodically and his teaching methods were very interesting. The contents requested by the customer were delivered in a theoretical and a practical section. This meant that the participants could apply what they had learned to their working processes. The exercises are very supportive. Thank you very much for a very nice training session."
Score: 1.5
Ms Schubert, DB - Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin

Training: Climbing and rescuing using Milan - July 2015 - Neuwied
"Very well-structured course. From the theory section to the very informative practical course, this was once again a great training course with a very pleasant atmosphere. :-)"
Score: 1
Mr Glesmann, Woodward, Kempen

Training: Wind Energy climbing and rescuing - July 2015 - Neuwied
"Very experienced training, practical exercises, which were repeated if necessary. Super! Highly recommended."
Score: 2
Mr Rommeswinkel, Moog Unna GmbH, Unna

Training: Company-specific training - June 2015 - Neuwied
"The training was very useful. The instructor was highly competent! The selection of climbing towers had deteriorated drastically since 2004. Only one standard steel tower is used now. It's a shame and it implies a certain "saturation level" with regard to customer care. If there had been 2-3 steel towers, I would have given you a score of 1 but as it is, I'm only giving a 2-3."
Score: 2-3
Mr Jahnel, UVB (formerly EKK), Munich

Training: BGG 906 - June 2015 - Neuwied
"The training was very useful and enjoyable. The theory and practical sections were well-structured. The facilities and service are good. The instructors had a good level of background knowledge. The atmosphere was pleasant and we had some lively discussions."
Score: 2
Mr Bögel, Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG, Krefeld

Training: BGG 906 - June 2015 - Neuwied
"I found the training very useful indeed. The instructor has a very good level of practical knowledge, which was evident during the training course. The course ran smoothly and in a logical sequence. At this price, I would definitely recommend this seminar. There was also plenty of time for discussions with other participants"
Score: 1.5
Mr Piha, Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG, Krefeld

Training: Wind Energy climbing and rescuing - June 2015 - Neuwied
"Very practical training. Great examples. Nice atmosphere."
Score: 1
Mr Engels, Morgan - Rekofa GmbH, Remagen

Training: BGG 906 - June 2015 - Neuwied
"Nice atmosphere, good mix of participants, good contents and material, which was communicated in a way that was easy to understand."
Score: 2
Mr Katzur, TÜV Rheinland, Koblenz

Training: BGG 906 - June 2015 - Neuwied
"The course really appealed to me. A modern training centre with a high level of technical expertise. The course content prepares you very well for the written and practical tests. I would definitely recommend Skylotec as a company."
Score: 1
Mr Van Deutzen, Nettetal city fire department, Nettetal

Training: Milan Level II - January 2015 - Neuwied
"Very skilled transfer of knowledge, good comparison between Milan 2001 and Milan 2.0. Possible to get direct explanations in answer to detailed questions. Being able to use the device myself was also important, as was evaluating the function check and maintenance."
Score: 1.5
Mr Zunk, PCH, Potsdam

Training: Climbing and rescuing using Milan foundation course - December 2014 - Neuwied
"This training course totally fulfilled my expectations. There was a good balance between theory and practical exercises. The instructor put together a very relevant and skilled training course. The training facilities and climbing hall are very well equipped."
Score: 2
Mr Dehne & Mr Wessel, Dematic Services

Training: GWO Working at heights - December 2014 - Neuwied
"Instructor: competent, experienced; Transfer of knowledge: highly successful;  Usefulness: used a lot; Price: OK - average; Theory / practical: good balance, lots of exercises."
Score: not given
Ms Muller, Gamesa, Aschaffenburg

Training: Wind Energy climbing and rescuing - December 2014 - Neuwied
"Very comprehensible and extensive training course, which dealt with the questions and issues faced by the participants. Situations are explained and illustrated using sample cases. Possibility of trying things out and getting practical tips."
Score: 1.2
Mr Beyer, 6nNetze, Freiburg