SKYLOTEC BSAFE – More Safety in stressful situations

SKYLOTEC presents one of its newest 2010 developments with the SKYLOTEC BSAFE.

Stress is more and more source to false handling of personal protective and rescue equipment during fire brigade operations.

While using PPE against fall, a wrong handling of the HMS-knot with the karabiners lead to dangerous accidents.

In order to reduce the false handling, SKYLOTEC continues to develop user-friendly and safer PPE against Fall.

The HMS-Knot is from now-on directly connected into the SKYLOTEC BSAFE and can be now used directly without having to manipulate anything. This avoids any false handling of the HMS-Knot. Only manipulation to do is connecting the rope to a stable point, which can be realized with a strong sharp-edge proof SEP sling (L-0321-2).

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