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14/09/2010 Industry

Milan Rapid Climb

After introducing its prototype at the A+A 2009, Skylotec presents the Milan Rapid Climb this year at the Husum WindEnergy. The descender is a further development of the Milan Hub and supports the fast and easy rescue of casualties with various technical innovations. Read more
16/08/2010 Industry

SPEED runner with extra certification

The SKYLOTEC SPEED runner is moving forward. Because of the withdrawal of the EN 353-1 and a number of unexplained safety issues in combination with fall arresters the SPEED runner affords a unique safety solution. The dual speed-control mechanism of the SPEED guarantees that a falling worker is caught quickly and securely. The SPEED provides smooth action and security while climbing. Read more
01/08/2010 Industry

Safe Work Concept

Seminar description: Innovative and reliable equipment form the basis for optimal work conditions. To perform a rescue operation or an emergency situation safety a functional teamwork is the key to success. When individuals have to achieve specific job responsibilities all team members must be able to trust in each other. However, you have to know your own strengths and weaknesses to achieve success in critical situations. Read more
29/07/2010 Industry

SKYLOTEC on Facebook

New! SKYLOTEC on Facebook. Whether current events, new products, exhibitions, videos or trade tips –there is something for everyone. Join Facebook and start connecting with SKYLOTEC today. Read more
19/04/2010 Industry

EN 353-1 withdrawn

On March 19, 2010 the European Commission has decided to withdraw the EN 353-1 (Guided type Fall arresters on including a rigid line). With this decision the examination and certification of these systems do not automatically lead to a presumption of conformity under this Standard. (This means, at the contrary to which was applied so far, it is not sufficient for a product to meet the requirements of the norm even confirmed by a testing organization in order to affix the CE label and to be used). Read more
03/03/2010 Industry

SKYLOTEC BSAFE – More Safety in stressful situations

SKYLOTEC presents one of its newest 2010 developments with the SKYLOTEC BSAFE. Stress is more and more source to false handling of personal protective and rescue equipment during fire brigade operations. Read more
10/02/2010 Industry

SKYLOTEC expands

In 2009 no investments were avoided by SKYLOTEC to be armed even better for the future. The distribution networks have been strengthened in many areas, bringing SKYLOTEC closer to its customers in newer markets. Special wishes and specific requirements can now be handled even better. Read more
10/01/2010 Industry

Novelties in the pipeline

SKYLOTEC wishes you a happy new year and a good start in 2010. We hope you will be able to enjoy these holidays after tumultuous months in 2009 and that you will start 2010 with enthusiasm. Read more
26/11/2009 Industry

SKYLOTEC convinced the jury ...

... and not the first time in 2009! In both fields - industrial fall protection, as well as the outdoor area - SKYLOTEC convinces with its products. On the exhibition “Outdoor” SKYLOTEC has already won the Outdoor Industry Award 2009 with the SKYRIDER via ferrata. On the ISPO SKYLOTEC won the Brandnew Award with the SKYFIT SC 111/112, a climbing harness, which allows fast and uncomplicated dressing. Read more
A+A Review
11/11/2009 Industry

A+A Review

After a busy year with no less than 15 Trade Show participations, SKYLOTEC took part at the A+A in Düsseldorf, Germany known as the most important Safety Trade Show in the world. Read more
15/10/2009 Industry

SKYLOTEC MILAN, for a safe Abseiling

When moving or working in heights, one needs to be safely secured. Founded in 1948, SKYLOTEC offers its services to the industry for more than 60 years. As a global supplier for fall protection for industry and sport, SKYLOTEC offers a complete personal protective equipment program as well as permanent systems. Read more
01/10/2009 Industry

SKYLOTEC for High Protection

Founded in 1948, the company stands for over 60 years for safety at high altitudes and is the complete provider of comprehensive fall protection in the industrial and sports sector. The SKYLOTEC Industry Program includes everything needed for personal protection and for permanent fall protection. With powerful and innovative products, all developed and manufactured in Germany, SKYLOTEC is always one step ahead. Read more
17/07/2008 Industry

HIGH Protection

Safety for industry, rescue ... and starting now for rock climbing as well SKYLOTEC is among the leading manufacturers of professional protective equipment in Europe. The harnesses, ropes, hardware for fall protection, and special protective clothing have been the state of the art in many industry sectors for 60 years. Starting at OutDoor 2008, SKYLOTEC is employing its expertise for even more safety in climbing and mountaineering sport. Read more
13/06/2006 Industry

SKYLOTEC – Professional Protective Equipment

SKYLOTEC offers a high-quality product line around personal protective equipment and permanent fall protection. The product line ranges from har-nesses, ropes and hardware to abseiling equipment, height safety devices and attachment points, as well as protective equipment and sophisticated sets for typical work situations. The high-performance and innovative products are devel-oped and manufactured entirely in Germany. As a matter of course, all products are certified and conform to international work safety regulations. Read more

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